About C-WAGS

C-WAGS was founded in 2007. I began competition training with my first dog Tess, a sheltie, thinking we were going to love obedience competition since the training was such fun for us both. Once we actually got in the ring, we didn’t have the fun we had when we were just training. I guess neither of us handled stress or silence well. About that time rally was just beginning to be developed. I became an advocate and promoter of rally in all forms from that point on.

After competing in rally for so many years where the atmosphere is so much more relaxed, where I can talk with my dog, give feedback that he is doing the right thing, I was not interested in “traditional” obedience competition, but really liked the training involved for obedience. After talking with a lot of exhibitors, and classmates I found that there was interest in an obedience venue were you could talk with your dog more naturally, similar to the rally ring. There are many hands contributing to the birth of C-WAGS. Support, ideas, and suggestions came from friends and fellow competitors in various venues. I put the ball in motion, several people helped write the rules, others helped with ideas and then it was all put together. Our Obedience venue debuted first at Fortunate Fido of Columbia Station, OH. on June 23,2007. Rally followed the following February. Scent was added in 2012 with the first trial in December of that year. The Games classes started as a non-regular class and became titling in 2013.

C-WAGS focus is on the team work between handler and dog – they are the team. The awesome thing about C-WAGS is that the amateur and the seasoned competitor can find their place in it. C-WAGS is really all about the dogs, and the humans that want to work with them. We all belong to this group.

We want to encourage, be supportive, and responsive to those exhibitors / trainers / clubs who trial with us.

Shirley Ottmer