Rally & Games Personal Trial

What is this?

An opportunity to earn legs towards a Rally or Games title, or ACE title by video submission.  Passing Video performances can be combined with in-person performances past or future to earn a title, including ACE.

  1. Register your team with C-WAGS if you are not currently registered.
  2. Complete a Personal Trial Request form and pay $20 for the evaluation via PayPal, (or a check may be mailed). Payment is with the request. No payment due with the video submission.
  3. A judge will be assigned and contact you with your personal trial details.
  4. Video must be submitted within 60 days of the Personal Trial Request date.
  5. Capture on video what you think is a passing performance. The video may NOT be edited. Complete dog and complete handler must stay completely within view.
  6. Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive. BE SURE the video is able to be viewed by others. In YouTube it would need to be posted as Public or Unlisted. Copy the link for your Personal Trial Submission Form.
  7. Judge will review your submitted Personal Trial and notify you of your results.
  8.  Open to residents of US and Canada

Rules for Rally and Games Personal Trial Program

Personal Rally & Games Trial Request Forms

Request approval for up to two dogs or rounds per form.

Limit one Level per form.

Personal Rally & Games Trial Submission Forms

Submitting videos is done only on-line.

One dog per form.

Submission Form

You may use any video hosting site that allows you to share your video's URL. However, please don't post it to Facebook. Your assigned judge may not be able to view the video.

YouTube is free for casual users. Becoming a new user may go easier if you already have a Gmail account.

Here is some information on uploading videos to YouTube: