2020 / 2021 Awards and  Sponsors

Competitors take note! Only pre-entries are eligible for these special awards.


**Versatility Award:

Any dog that earns at least one qualifying score in each of the C-WAGS programs (Rally, Obedience, Games and Scent) will be recognized. (Awarded Saturday & Sunday)

Sponsored by Shirley Ottmer in honor and memory of BJ, my boy who could do anything - with enthusiasm and humor.


**High Combined Obedience score:

The dog with the highest combined score in each obedience level (3 rounds for level 1-5 will be recognized). Second and Third place will also be recognized. An NQ will count as a zero in combining scores.  Ties will be broken according to the rules for that level. (Awarded Saturday)

1st Place   Level 1 ---- Sponsored by Roxie's MEGA Mission in memory of Roxie. Roxie proved to the world that dogs with Megaesophagus can have a great life!

2nd & 3rd Level 1 ---- Sponsored by Beth Mitchell - Michigan Canine Resource Guide. Dedicated to all the great dog and handler teams!   www.MiDogGuide.com

1st Place Level 2 ---- Sponsored by Annie Hammer In loving memory of Lucy and Phelix, my first C-WAGS teammates

2nd & 3rd Place Level 2 ----Sponsored by Marguerite Plank, in memory of Devlin, the rescued rat terrier who sparked my interest in obedience

1st Place Level 3 ---- Sponsored by Tall Pines Dog Training

2nd & 3rd Place Level 3 ---- Sponsored by Marguerite Plank, in honor of Neely, my first standard poodle and triple-titled Utility dog, who has happily learned everything I asked him to. The fun continues.

1st Place Level 4 ---- Sponsored by Tall Pines Dog Training

2nd & 3rd Place Level 4 ----Sponsored by Canine - Work And Games

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Level 5 ---- Sponsored by Tall Pines Dog Training


**Most Senior Dog:

The oldest dog to qualify in each of the categories below:  Free Photo Certificate (Awarded at completion of each class combination)

  • Scent on Saturday (Oldest in classes combined)
  • Scent on Sunday(Oldest in classes combined)
  • Obedience levels 1 or 2. (Oldest in classes combined)
  • Obedience levels 3, 4 or 5. (Oldest in classes combined)
  • Zoom (any level) (Oldest from any Zoom class)

Sponsored by Makani Hounds Photographer


**Legacy Award – A team (dog and handler) with 10 or more years with C-WAGS has been recognized.  The team must have been registered in 2011 or before and be entered in at least one class during the April 2020 event.  (Awards were given out for April entries)

Sponsored by Robin Murray


**Triple Q’s Award for:

  • 3 Q’s in Obedience same Level (Awarded Saturday)

Sponsor 1 - 2 Sponsored by Ann Spurrier In honor of my amazing Snow! While she is not the most obedient dog she sure has me trained! Good luck to all.

  • 3 Q’s in Scent class - Investigator or Super Sleuth (Awarded Saturday)

Sponsor 1 - 3 Sponsored by Karen Echternacht  -  Canines By Karen


**Quadruple Q’s Award  for:

    • 4 Q’s– same level in Games

Sponsored by Laurie Schlossnagle - With love and thanks to my C-WAGS friends -- keep having fun with your dogs!

    • 4 Q’s - from ARF and Games Level 4     Sponsored by Canine - Work And Games
    • 4 Q’s – from  Rally classes      Sponsored in memory of Roofus  by Sew Dog Crazy https://sewdogcrazy.com/store/
    • 4 Q’s – from  Saturday or Sunday Scent combos:  Patrol / Ranger L1;  Detective / Ranger L2; Investigator / Ranger L3; Diversions / Private Investigator; or 4 Detective Q's

Perfect score  (Awarded Friday & Saturday) 2 Sponsors $10 each

For any dog earning a perfect score in Rally or Obedience

Sponsored by Mary Berr - In memory of Callie (B-House keep You Guessing) for sharing her perfect score with me.

Sponsored by Laurie Schlossnagle - In loving memory of Daisy.  With so much imperfection in the world, we were always perfect together.  Thank you for allowing me to be your human and for the journey you shared with me.


**ZOOM Speed Award:  

The dog with the fastest combined time (2 rounds) in each level of Zoom will be recognized. (Awarded Sunday) Must Q each round to be eligible

Sponsored by Beth Bishop in memory of Mia, Cara’s Put me in Coach!, who more than lived up to her name

Sponsored by Ginger Alpine in honor of Pistol who loved to Zoom! Enjoy the speedy journey with your canine friend

Sponsored by Laurie Schlossnagle - In celebration of the Utah C-WAGS teams.

Sponsored in memory of Popper by Sew Dog Crazy https://sewdogcrazy.com/store


**Scent Speed Award:  (5 Sponsors)

The dog with the shortest combined time in a single level / class of Scent will be recognized.  One will be award for each Scent class.  Must enter and Pass each round to be eligible

Sponsor # 1 – 5   Sponsored by Jane Nadelson -  K9NWSource   https://k9nwsource.com